Golden-Cows Hack Cheats [Add Gold/Unlock Gold Cows]


Golden-Cows Hack Cheats [Add Gold/Unlock Gold Cows]

Hello all guys. I to present you awesome game and software. Play the game, invest your gold to buy some of cows, to milk cows and sell milk bottles – collect gold. This is only the game. Now you create gold and add to your account by Golden-Cows Cheats Tool. New option? Gold Cows is online. Unlock Gold Cows and earn not milk, but gold directly. Gold exchange to mBTC or invest to buy next cows.



What options he has?

  • Add Gold
  • Unlock Gold Cows
  • Connect with your account: id/username or email. Not needed password
  • Buy all cows if you want.
  • Weekly software updates to new options

How to use software?

  1. Download Golden-Cows Cheats.exe and open
  2. Set your username or id or email account.
  3. Select or enter number of gold to add your account
  4. Select Gold Cows unlock. To get not milk bottles but gold directly.
  5. invest farther or payout to Bitcoins wallet

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Golden-Cows Hack Cheats [PROOF]

How to produce an effect :

You profit 1 forgive green cow when register
Each cow you have can produce milk
Store the milk going regarding for warehouse
Sell the milk for in-game maintenance
trade the in-game grant for employ more cow and redeem it considering Bitcoin

Note:  Your cow yet manufacture milk though offline, and never die

The game that allows you to earn easy keep! System gain of the game: 1.Buy cows , theyll fabricate milk. 2.Milk accumulates in the warehouse, RECOVER. 3.Sell milk and earn maintenance. 4.Gold can be for rent closely the genuine keep, or you can use to get your hands on more cows, which will bring you more profits! begin today. Golden-Cows is French (when English pleasing) variations of investment games such as GoldenChase, GoldenBirds and many same games.

100 Milk = 1 Gold ; 2000 Gold = 0.001 Btc

Game Benefits:

30% Bonus for the first hoard together
Instant Payments and Instant withdrawals
One Green Cow for each added believer for FREE
Daily Bonus
Instant Payments from 0.002 Btc


Price of Cow :
Productivity: 7 per hour
Cost: 100 Gold
Productivity: 70 per hour
Cost: 1000 Gold
Productivity: 370 per hour
Cost: 5000 Gold
Productivity: 1920 per hour
Cost: 25000 Gold
Productivity: 9650 per hour
Cost: 100000 Gold

100 Milk = 1 gold (70% in-game gold and 30% cancellation gold)
2000 Withdrawal gold (minimum) = 1 (mBTC)
you can convert your termination to in-game gold to get your hands on more cow too
you can Invest some of your bitcoin too to eagerness happening your production. 1 (mBTC.) = 0.001 BTC = 2000 Gold.
Bonus: A 30% substitute for the first investment

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